Thursday, March 21, 2013

what are you doing?

Oreo was acting all suspicious this morning in the guest bedroom ...
Sneaking around and hiding something from me.
When I asked him what he was doing,
he moved to the far side of the room where it was dark ...
unless you just happen to have a camera with a flash handy ...
Nothing ... why do you ask?
Oh this thing here?
I was just looking at a stick on the floor ...
Wow ... it's a flying lizard!
By the time I rescued the lizard, it was partially paralyzed, but still fighting.
I placed him on a plant outside where he could die peacefully.
There was a cold snap last night, and he was thin still from his winter hibernation.
He most likely woke earlier in the week when we had such beautiful weather.
Lizards are cold-blooded, so when the weather turns chilly,
they are sluggish and not as quick to escape.
Oreo had him at a disadvantage.

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