Friday, April 26, 2013

5 minutes: friend


Last night was the first night of a book study for the women's group at church.  Afterwards, we did prayer requests and talked about our lives.  For some reason I shared how hurt I was a few weeks ago when I felt like I had to walk out of the ladies' craft night event because I could not face the hurt that hit me like a sledgehammer when I saw two former friends there.  These women don't usually go to my church, they were guests, and because one of them I know once professed to be an atheist, I left rather than do anything that might make them uncomfortable.

I gave up my comfort zone to them.

Once upon a time I considered them more family than friends.  We held game nights two or three nights a month, I spoke to them daily.  They knew all my hopes and dreams, and also all my nightmares.  They were all that I had here in town after my father died.  They were my sisters.

Something happened to change that, and I don't know what it was other than I left for a job and they stayed.  Because of that, everything changed ... except for the hole in my heart where they used to be.

Late last night, after my tears dried, a thought occurred to me that was so powerful that I had to write it down.

"Often God will take us out of our comfort zone so that we will turn to Him for comfort.  How blessed would our lives be today if we turned to Him first for comfort before we turned to the world?"

I've been out of my comfort zone for a long time now ... reaching my arms up to God.  Not only has He always been there for me, even when I felt alone, He has been putting new friends in my life to fill that hole.  He is my comfort.

5 minute Friday


  1. Cindi,
    I'm your neighbor for Five Minute Friday...

    Wow, um, I know your pain...too well, I'm afraid to admit. And I'm glad I'm not alone...

    I find it difficult when they are all still around me and I get left out a lot.
    Glad to meet you neighbor...

  2. I am very happy to hear that you have comfort in your life. It has been missing for too long. Hugs.