Friday, April 19, 2013

5 minutes: jump

this afternoon i watched my 8th grade autism students enjoy the mysteries of dry ice in a science lab.  as they learn what happens when you enclose dry ice ... as it "sublimates" and evaporates back into its natural gas state, the pressure builds up in the container, causing the lid to pop off ... i jump the first time i hear the loud bang.  lids hitting the undersides of desks and students laughing hysterically at the teacher and i each time we jump.
when i come home, mentally exhausted, ready to jump into the weekend after a stressful week of FCAT testing for the students, my dogs instead want to jump on me and go for a run in the field across the street.  their stress relieved, or so i think, i sit down to unwind for a few minutes and plan out my evening and weekend plans.
annie, however, has different plans.  she is the recently rescued beagle, age unknown but obviously still very much a puppy.  she drags her flat basketball to the top of the stairs then releases it so she can chase after it.  i jump up, hearing the loud thudding down the stairs, thinking that she has fallen, only to see her grinning ~ as much as possible with a basketball larger than her head in her mouth ~ as she runs up the stairs and jumps onto the bed.  a face fight begins between her and the big guy, trooper, until finally energy spent, she jumps down and onto her own bed.

i am jumping into Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo Baker


  1. Like the way you incorporated today's word into your blog. Thought it was a difficult word.although 230 others apparently didn't. Way to go.

  2. What a wonderful post. I love how you went from jumping to deflating and tied it into the deflated ball that bounces down the stairs and raises your spirits with it. xo Diana

  3. She is simply beautiful. And I love that so many animals DO have a sense of humour. Particularly at our expense.


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