Thursday, April 25, 2013

full moon ...

This image of tonight's full moon doesn't do it justice.
As I sat at water's edge tonight, watching the reflection of it on the water,
the moon seemed close enough for me to reach out and touch it.
I saw the craters that made up the "Man in the Moon's" face,
Saturn so bright to the left of the moon as I watched it,
doesn't even show in this image.
Parts of the world will see the partial lunar eclipse in tonight's sky,
but not this part.
I think of the dreams I had on last April's full moon.
Spring flowers did chase away last winter's gloom.
I have a new life ... with new hope ... and a second chance.
Love ... true love ... a true romance.

The dreams I'll tend on this new pink moon,
An opened heart with lots of room,
A healed soul and a life with grace,
Family, friends, and His smiling face.
I've gained so much more than what I lost,
All because He paid the cost.

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