Friday, April 5, 2013

i'm in 11th place!!!!

at the school where I am a paraprofessional
the autistic students occasional get a "P.A.T." Friday.
personal activity time

topping the list of things to do on those special Fridays
are playing on the Wii

today I got to watch a lesson in good sportsmanship
taught by my shadow
he was playing with another student
who struggles with "sharing"
and who always has to be first
and better than everyone else.
a student who gloats when he wins
and laughs at other's misfortune.
he plays quite well because he plays quite frequently at home
where as an only child, he doesn't have to share anything
and his skills are much better than my shadow's are.

yet every time my shadow lost,
he celebrated wherever he placed in the race,
because even if the other racers were just game avatars
he still wasn't last.

winning isn't everything
but sometimes just finishing is.

when every day is a struggle to just fit in
or to just understand the work placed in front of you,
even if you finish last,
you still win.


  1. What a wonderful lesson here, Cindi. God bless you in your work- it takes a special soul to do the work you do- xo Diana

  2. What a wonderful attitude your shadow has. He may or may not be teaching the teacher - but he is giving me a much needed reminder. Thank you - and to him.

  3. Excellent life lesson - we can't all be winners, but we can all be good losers. And let's face it, we all need to learn to be good losers because it's a certainly that we will lose, and quite frequently.

    You must be proud of your shadow!

    1. I am extremely proud of him and make a point to tell him whenever he does make a good decision or does well on his homework.


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