Saturday, April 6, 2013

selections # 115

mystery flowers  ...
I think this is a wild version of a Cotton Ball Lamb's Ear plant ...
It is soft and velvety.
I've never seen them in bloom before.
These red flowers come in varying shades of red and pink, and also some as light as white.

These are drying in my garage to see how well they hold up as dried flowers.
Both plants grow in the sandy soil ~ almost beach sand consistency ~ across the street.
Since the only water they get is when it rains, they are obviously drought resistant native plants that would be wonderful if I could get them to grow in my front yard!
This is a flowering tree I saw while driving home from work.
I have no idea what it is, but it is beautiful.
Sunday Selections was originally started by Kim, of Frogpondsrock ,as an ongoing meme where participants could post previously unused photos languishing in their files.
It is now continued by River at Drifting through life and Sue at The Elephant's Child. The rules are so simple as to be almost non-existent. Post some photos under the title Sunday Selections and link back to River.


  1. Oooh. Lovely all of them. Our lambs ears have yellow flowers and reach heights of up to six feet. Obviously quite a different plant.

    1. Yes, very different! These lambs ears are barely three inches across, and the cotton ball blooms themselves barely half an inch.


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