Thursday, April 25, 2013

tattle tail

Stunt Double Image Source:
To protect the identity of the accused,
since she is of a minor age,
a stunt double was used for this image.

Details of the crime are still coming in,
however, the informant, Trooper, was duly rewarded for reporting this crime.


  1. Do I detect that the Accused's name begins with an A?
    Jazz n Jewel squeal on each other all the time. Though Jewel has more ammunition in the form of crimes to report...

    1. Yes, you've guessed correctly. Trooper tattled on her again this morning for a small "accident" in the house, although I suspect it was truly an accident so she just got a frowny face which was discipline enough to show my displeasure. I think Trooper is not trying as much to get her into trouble as to show her what is unacceptable behavior by my subsequent reaction.


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