Friday, May 3, 2013

5 minutes: brave

I went on a field trip today with the eighth graders from the middle school where I'm a paraprofessional.

Nuff said.

Okay, seriously.  It was an adventure in patience for me, and a lesson.  I saw teenagers acting all brave in front of their friends as they tested the limits of the boundaries set on them by school rules and regulations.  I heard enough boy belches and farts to last me two lifetimes, and not a single sign of manners among any of them.  I saw girls flirting suggestively, then stabbing each other in the back when they called each other on it, glaring at me with daggers from their eyes and hopes for spontaneous combustion as I asked them to be silent to respectfully listen to the docent at the Museum of Florida History, or when we tried to get a head count at the Florida State Capitol because some of these "future leaders" had gone elevator hopping.

Brave.  Because they were off the school grounds and presumed that there would not be any enforcement of the rules.

Brave.  Until I confronted them with their behavior, then it was "I didn't know!" or "I didn't hear!" or "Well soandso told me to!"

Twelve hours of my life I'll never get back again.

But tonight when I came home and tried to remain calm as my dogs who had been waiting for me to come home wanted to play while I just wanted to eat and go to bed ... I was forced to stop and think about the day.

Brave, I was when I made choices last year, blindly stepping out ... without faith ... without trust.  This year has been a lesson in humility for me as God continues to provide for me ... and continues to show me where I need to grow.

Brave ... I don't need to be.  But I do need to be respectful.  Obedient.  Honest.  Faithful.  Trusting.

Five Minute Friday


  1. So good! You are brave. I went on a few field trips in my life time and boy, they wear me out. You are so right in the character traits that we must continually work on. Blessings from the Five Minute Friday!


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