Friday, May 10, 2013

5 minutes: comfort

I've been sick this week with a chest cold and allergies.  The inside of my nose is swollen, blistered, and raw as the oak trees by my house drop their blooms and pollen.  When I breathe, I can hear my lungs crackling and wheezing, sounding at times as if I'm under water.

I want comfort.

I want someone to fix hot tomato soup for me and float extra cheddar Goldfish crackers in the bowl, and bring me ice cold unsweet tea while I prop myself up in bed and try not to cough up a lung.  I want someone else to go do my job for me so I can sleep late, take naps, and go to bed early.  I want comfort.

A few weeks ago I realized that sometimes God will take us out of our comfort zones so that we stop relying so much on the world for comfort and turn to Him.

Today when I want comfort for my cold, what comforts me the most is knowing that His hands are on me.  His eyes see me.  His arms protect me.  His ears hear me.  I am always in His heart.  Always.

And that is comforting.
Five Minute Friday


  1. Great captured moment full of challenge...I love how God slows us down to show us His comfort in the most frustrating and mundane things like a cold...I pray you are continually comforted by His love day in and day sickness and health. Blessings!

  2. And why is it that when we have a cold (and only then) we suddenly realise that tissues are made from wood?
    I do hope you are starting to get a bit better, but it doesn't sound like it. Not quite yet. Which is unfair.

    1. I wish it was the outside of my nose that was sore and blistered from the wood in the tissues. That would be so much easier to deal with and fix. The blisters are on the inside of my nostrils, where the tissue doesn't get to. It seems to be how my body chooses to react to pine and oak pollen. Not fun at all. But I am slowly feeling less like I'm trying to breathe underwater ... and that is a good thing.


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