Friday, May 17, 2013

5 minutes: Song

I stopped while bringing the dogs in from their first morning walk to listen to the [song of a cardinal.]  High up in the oak tree, a flash of red, singing his heart out to a distant female whose soft pip I could hear occasionally in response when he stopped for a breath.

During the day, while walking out to my car for lunch, I stopped to listen to the [song of a mockingbird.]  High up on the school roof, unseen, singing with all that it had a melody of songs and calls collected from one generation to another.

On Wednesday I blogged about a song that had heard a lot lately, and today another song is on my mind but for different reasons.  This song ... is the first song I heard my husband play on his guitar ... and it always makes me think of him now.  At times it makes me cry because of these separate roads that we each are on.  But I know that our roads will come together again soon ... with God's hand on both of us.

Five Minute Friday


  1. I'd love to hear more about the song your husband first played for you...sounds like there is a good story there. (Visiting from FMF.)

  2. All beautiful songs. Melodic magic.

  3. Lovely write and thank you for sharing the reason your song is precious you. ~Leah Jyn