Monday, May 20, 2013

and most importantly, have a nice day...

[Disclaimer:  This is an essay written by one of my autistic students for a 7th grade writing exercise as required by the State of Florida to ensure that students can read and write.  The situation given was that young teenagers often feel they can't get sick and they don't understand much about health problems that people can face.  The essay was to be about a health problem that they wanted to educate others about.  What follows is word for word what was written by my student, spelling errors included.  As you are reading, whatever you do, do NOT think about zombies.]

"What people should be worried about is rabbies.  Rabbies is a very common but Dangerous.  It can infect wild & domesticated animals if they don't have shots for rabies.  When an animal has rabies, it starts to get very ravinous.  The animal with rabies will soon start to hunt for humans &/or animals that aren't infected.

"My advice for people is very important.  You must first make sure that you have your rabies shot.  The shot will make you immune to rabies, but the shot will only last for a year & the shot will only protect you from only one bite.  If you see a man or creature with rabies, call 911 or animal control.  If you don't have a phone or communications are down, remain calm and hide, don't make any noise.

"When you hear the radio about rabies, inform friends & family about it.  If they know, be prepared in case of emergency.  If you or people you know live nearby forestes, be prepared in case of rabies.  When you see a person or animal with rabies, make sure you have the necessary tools to do so.  If not, please message people that do.

"If you know people that are disabled or elder, try moving them to someplace that is safe.  When there is an outbreak of rabies, evacuate the area immediately.  make sure to arm yourself when there is an outbreak.  You should also help citizens in case of outbreak.

"And that is my advice for rabies.  It is no laughing matter.  So be prepared for it.  Stay safe from rabies.  And most importantly, have a nice day."
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[red lettering mine]
[This was truly the smile that I needed to start my Monday.
I am so grateful at times to do what I do.]


  1. LMAO From the words of kiddos

  2. As someone who is frequently rabbid about one thing or another I am so grateful for her advice.
    And I hope you have a rabby free, fun-filled day.

  3. OH MY that is SO PRECIOUS!!

    We don't have rabbies in Australia yet, but I'm going to keep this JUST IN CASE. And I hope to have many nice days :)


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