Saturday, May 25, 2013

It Can Wait ... but this can't

Make the Pledge
 Last night I blogged about things that make me want to scream, and it included getting behind a SLTr (Stop Light Texter).  This morning I'm joining with Robin at Pensieve Me.

  But honestly, I hate driving anywhere close to someone who is using their cell phone at all.  I confess, I used to be guilty of calling to talk to my mom during a long drive.  But I noticed that I would miss my turn more often when I was on the phone just talking to her, than I would if I was just focused on driving.  I would drive right past the street I turn into to go home ... a drive I've been making for ten years now.  Just talking on the cell phone distracted my brain enough that I forgot where I lived.

  That was such an eye opener for me.

  Now when I drive, if my cell phone is even turned on, it is set to the Silent profile and is out of reach.

 There are so many distractions in our lives as it is when we drive that doing what I can to take away one of them will not only save my life, but possibly someone else's life.  We fiddle with radio stations and sing out loud.  We worry about work, home, family or friends.   We settle into the hypnotic thump thump of the road and enjoy the scenery.  Just driving normally, most of us are driving with less than 100% of our attention to the road.

  When you pick up that cell phone to text a friend or family member while you are driving, you just took 100% of your focus and put it on the phone in your hand.

  In January of this year, while stopped at a stop light and slowly easing forward when the light changed, I sneezed.  I sneezed and didn't see the bus in front of me stop.  In a split second, I bumped the bus and my airbag blew up.  All I did was sneeze.  I didn't even realize I had hit the bus because it happened so fast.  In fact, I thought at first that it was my sneeze that made the airbag blow.

  Accidents happen that fast.  All it takes is for a fraction of a second for you to be distracted, and something to happen that takes you out of control.  Don't let texting and driving be the last thing you do today.  Take the pledge.  Safe a life ... yours or someone else's.


  1. It isn't legal to use a mobile (cell) phone while driving here, unless you have a hands-free kit. Which I think is the right approach. However lots and lots of people believe that laws are 'for someone else'.

  2. Ahhh, thanks for linking up at my place! And yes--seeing others text and drive MAKES ME CRAZY!