Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taps II

  I blogged [here] about listening to the sound of Taps as it floated over the valley from the Ft. Hood Army post.  A year later, it was something I blogged that I would miss when I left Ft. Hood.

  Sometime in the past year, the command at the Air Force base just across the bay from me changed ... and now I can hear the sound of Taps again being played late at night.  Hauntingly beautiful as it floats over the water.

  We have had a difficult year, as a country.  Terror attacks.  Tornadoes.  Wars.  Severe winter storms.  Flooding.  Explosions.  Fires.  Disasters both natural and man-made.

  Tonight when I heard Taps I thought of all the families that are hurting tonight.  Physically and emotionally.  Grieving for those lost ... missing ... injured.  Longing to touch a hand ... a face ... of someone fighting a battle in a distant country.  I thought of the worry and fear that we feel for those we love, no matter how close or far away they are.

  It also made me grateful for those who are safe tonight ... those found or rescued, those who have come home to be held tightly, loved deeply.

  It is a bittersweet sound across the bay tonight...

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