Thursday, May 2, 2013

tattle tail ...

There is a pattern here that I'm beginning to dislike.
I woke this morning 
~ an hour and forty minutes before my alarm was set to go off ~
with a sore throat that demanded attention.
Once tended to, I attempted to get what little sleep I could
before the alarm did go off.

However ...
Trooper came over and sat on me unexpectedly,
and refused to get off me.
Apparently, little Miss Annie, had found my shoes I forgot to put in the closet last night,
when exhaustion fogged my brain.
No harm was done,
but sleep was lost,
sore throat awakened,
and so my day begins...


  1. Good (and very, very lucky) that the shoes were undamaged. Sad and bad about missing sleep and sore throat.

  2. Working with children is extremely hazardous to your health. Carry around a bag of vitamin C drops, wash your hands frequently, remain calm, and most importanty, have a nice day.


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