Friday, May 24, 2013

things ...

... that just make me want to  ...
Reaching up to turn off the light to finally get to sleep at almost midnight and seeing a palmetto bug on the ceiling.  Sleep did not happen.

Four nights later, while taking a shower, seeing something dark circling in the tub, thinking it is just another string glob gift from Annie ... and it is NOT!

Thinking I'm going to get to work early so I can actually have a second cup of coffee and finding myself stuck behind an "SLTr" [Stop Light Texter] who is oblivious to the fact that the light has changed and the six cars in front of her are long gone.  By the time she becomes aware that the annoying honking noise is actually me, behind her, she manages to run the red light and leave me stuck until the next green light.

Parents who have gotten progress reports and report cards all year showing how badly their "perfect angel" has been doing in school, yet they wait until the last three weeks of school to panic and cry "what can we do so that he/she will pass??"  Parents, heed this gentle advice:  teachers only have your child's mind for six or seven hours a day.  The remaining seventeen or eighteen hours are out of our control and up to you.  If you don't care how they are doing in school, we can't make your child care either.

Students who think that because they can only be held back in the same grade one additional year (fail, repeat, fail, automatically pushed to the next grade) they can just do nothing the last two months of school except disrupt the students who are really trying to learn.  I realize that the "no student left behind" referendum might have had the best of intentions, but are we really doing a service to the students?  Work ethics are learned, and if we don't hold students accountable, how are they supposed to learn?  Shouldn't we start teaching ethics and work values in middle school?

Teachers who try to be the "cool teach" more than they try to teach, and just cannot understand why their classrooms are constantly, totally out of control.  If I had wanted to work in a Wild Animal Park, I would have moved to Orlando.  Teach now, friend later when they have graduated with a PhD and in their valedictorian speech thank you for giving them the incentive to be all that they could be.

Realizing that while the autistic kids I work with can often have their "moments," most often it is those "normal" kids who are the most disruptive, rude, aggressive, argumentative, and just flat out spoiled brats who think they are "above the law."  Today at lunch, an 8th grader very nearly punched me when I told him that he needed to turn off his [against school rules] cell phone.  I had 7th graders this week be disrespectful and again very nearly physically aggressive to me because I asked them to be quiet while other students were still testing and I threw away the spitballs one of them had been planning on using.  I would ask where they are learning their manners and respect, but apparently ... they aren't.

Okay.  I'm shutting up now and stepping down from my soapbox.
What makes you want to scream?

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  1. Cruelty makes me scream. And frustration at my own recalcitrant body and mind.


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