Friday, June 14, 2013

5 minutes: listen

The room is dark, save for the lights on the computer modem.  I listen to the fans blowing the hot air this way then that, and kick off the covers from my sweating-still-damp-from-a-cold-shower body.  I listen to Annie walk around the room and shake, her collar tags jingling like bells.  She comes over and sets her chin the the edge of the bed and I tell her to go back and lie down.  She doesn't listen and instead jumps up on the bed and flops down hard at the end where she can take advantage of both fans.  I close my eyes and listen to Trooper breathing, his head near mine, he feels safer sleeping at the head of the bed rather than the foot.  Too many long ago memories of a mean man kicking him from under the covers when he was a puppy.  It has been eight and a half years since those nights, but he still listens for the sound of movement in the dark and I know that he will eventually move off the bed before the sun wakes us all.  I listen to Oreo calling me in the dark down the hall.  He has woken up alone where he was sleeping on the cool tile floor in the bathroom, and so I call to him to let him know where I am.  He listens, calls, listens again as he walks into the bedroom, then jumps to the bed and walks on me before stopping on my chest and smacking me in the face with his head to tell me I should have woken him before I shut the lights off.  I listen to him purr as I rub his head and chin, then he moves to the pillow and settles down for the night.  I close my eyes again and talk to God, thanking Him for this day, and listen in the dark for His voice, His reassurance, His presence.  I listen to the sound of my own breathing and before I know it, I am listening to the cardinals and mockingbirds singing to the rising sun as the squirrels outside the window chatter that the day is a'wasting and I need get up.  I listen.
Five Minute Friday


  1. We're neighbors at FMF this week. I loved the picture you painted with your words of your dear furry friends and the sounds you hear in the quiet of the night. Lovely post.

  2. I love the way you write and your words painted a thousand felt as if I had been there too.

  3. Simply beautiful. And furry love can drive away rather a lot of sadness. Furry love, a good night's sleep and waking to bird song sounds blissful.

  4. What a descriptive, peaceful, lovely, five minutes.


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