Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Living the dream...

  During the week I get an encouraging email from Mike Dooley and his Thoughts Become Things website.  Some days they are funny, some days they are right on target.  Often it is only the next day that I realize how closely they hit to how my day went, or what my mood was.  Most often they say something that really strikes me with how profound it is.  Like today.
  Now, of course, the whole bit about fitting into the jeans I wore back in the day ... not gonna happen.  But what struck me today was this statement:

"It's having a dream and wanting to live it so greatly that one would rather move with it and "fail" than succeed in another realm."

  I'm so "there."

  Once upon a time [like all good fairy tales start] I wanted to be the next bestselling author.  I wanted the J.K.-Rowlings-Stephenie-Meyer-Lana-Turner-discovered-at-a-drugstore-soda-counter success story.  I wanted to live "the good life" and in an abundant lifestyle that I would be happy to become accustomed to.

  I realized this morning that I'm so "there," only better.

  My blog and books have a small following.  The blog gets daily hits from around the world.  Occasionally a book sells.  My life is good.  It is, truly, good.  The fibromyalgia pain that almost crippled me a year and a half ago because of the stress I was under in my life is gone.  Gone.  I'm pain free.  I've learned that "abundance" is a relative term.  I don't have an abundance of things or money ... but I have all I need for right here and right now.  

  How much more do you need?


  1. Big smiles. I fail at things every day. I just don't let it stop me. Too stubborn to quit? Perhaps but it works for me - which is all that matters.

    1. You do not fail at being a good friend... and for that I'm grateful!


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