Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Parallel Universe Me ...

  I rearranged my bedroom the other night so that my desk now is to the right of the mirror closet doors.  I'm looking at a wall which I've put my calendar on, and other things my brain must remember to occasionally do.  I wish I could face it towards the window so I could look out over my serenity deck, however, the plugs and cords necessary for things to work ... wouldn't.

  Sitting here for the first time after rearranging the room, the dogs were wandering around behind me when suddenly, Annie spotted my parallel universe alter ego hiding in the closet.

  She growled fiercely, barked, then began to do that beagle baying noise that can be quite unnerving.

  For thirty minutes.

  Even though I was sitting right here, and she could turn her head to see me, it was my reflection in the mirror that made her go crazy.

  She's been comfortable with her own reflection in the mirror since last December, and I'm sure has seen my reflection when I have stood directly in front of it.  But she could not make the connection between me sitting off to the side, and the fact that she could see me in the mirror.  She was convinced it was my evil parallel universe alter ego.  The more I moved to try to comfort her, the more she growled at barked at my reflection ... yet she would turn her head to me and wag her tail.  She was so confused, and I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.

  I finally had to open the closet door and let her inspect the inside before she would relax and ignore it.

  Gotta love her bravery and willingness to protect me!


  1. It's funny how animals react to reflections. We had a cat who was mesmerized by her reflection. She went looking behind the mirror to find this "other" cat!

    1. I read a study that elephants actually recognize themselves in a mirror's reflection and will touch their face with their trunk if there is something on their face. I'm not sure if all other animals have the same sense of self or if they just accept their reflection as a non-threatening other dog/cat/animal.

  2. I love that Annie recognises a potential threat to you, and is ready to take a stand. Jazz loathes and detests mirrors and blows himself up and starts to sing when he catches sight of himself. Discretion has won (so far) and he hasn't moved into attack mode though.

    1. Yes, she was quite defensive. Trooper stood behind her, alert and bristled because of her vocals, but couldn't quite figure out what the issue was!


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