Thursday, June 27, 2013

rituals ...

Early morning, and a young boy is dropped off by his mother at the summer school day care program where I am working part time. I watch as she tears off a corner of paper from one of the flyer reminders telling parents that we will be closed on the 4th of July and what the dress code is. The two of them hold it tightly and heads together they talk quietly together. I hear a soft "Amen" as she gives him the paper then turns to leave. He slips the paper into a pocket, and as I watch him during the day, I see that when he is anxious ... a dispute over a toy, or a reprimand for being too loud ... he reaches into that pocket.

A girl dropped off not long after the boy performs a ritual of touches with her mother before they separate. Right fingers clasp together, then left fingers, after the umbrella the girl is carrying is shifted into her right hand. The mother gives a quick kiss on her daughter's forehead, and she in turn gives her mother a kiss back. They say goodbyes peppered with "I love yous."

We all have them. Those simple rituals. A mother's prayer. A touch, a kiss, "I love you too." Things, actions or a simple word that connects you to someone in a way that no one else gets. They create rituals that bind you in love, make you feel secure, and gives you "home" in your heart.

They give you more.

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