Thursday, June 6, 2013

WHEN the ZA occurs...

Yesterday was the last day of school.
I'm actually going to miss those kids.
Even the ones that made me want to pull out my hair.

Last week I overheard a discussion between several of the sixth grade autism students.
It was totally serious.  Really.
It was all I could do to keep from FOCROFLOL.
[falling off chair rolling on floor laughing out loud]

They were discussing what to do WHEN [not if] the Zombie Apocalypse happens.

First you need to paint a blue cross on your forehead to indicate that you are not infected.
Then after gathering the food, clothing and weapons you needed,
meet at Mrs. M's classroom where you will be safe.

On the one hand, I think that it is a credit to Mrs. M that they feel her classroom is a safe place.
On the other, I have to wonder what they are hearing, watching or playing on the computer that makes them so convinced that there WILL be a zombie apocalypse.

When I was in the sixth grade all I ever worried about was whether or not the kids at my new school would tease me about my red hair, where the nearest library was, and when my Dad was going to be home from Viet Nam.  When he did come back and we moved to Florida, I added palmetto bugs and oily skin to my list of things to worry about.
I think I'll add blue face paint to my shopping list.
Just in case.


  1. Mrs M. is obviously doing something very right. Do you think that the ancient Britons used copious amounts of woad to ward off zombies? A culture ahead of its time...

    1. I had to "Bing" woad to discover what it was! Perhaps the Britons that Julius Caesar tried to battle used it to intimidate the invading Romans? Since a lack of oxygen and blood pooling in the dead can give skin a blue tinge, perhaps they used it as a disguise for ambushes by the "walking dead?" Maybe the early Britons fighting for their land against the Romans were where all of our zombie legends come from... food for thought! Oh (LOL) no pun intended but that would be brain food!

  2. this made me laugh as i could picture the conversation between students! i hear there are also adults who believe in the ZA. fortunately, i don't know any of them...i don't think.............

    1. Chris, you must also read the post in May "and most importantly, have a nice day!" I know a few adults who believe in the ZA ... it is quite interesting!


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