Sunday, July 21, 2013

a Sunday drive #3

 Ever get into a quiet groove when you drive?

Some days I listen to the radio,
but then others I just think about what is,
pray for what will be,
and listen for some kind of awareness that I'm on the right road.

[other than what the cranky GPS spinster has to say about it]

This morning was one of those drives.
Thinking, praying, listening.

And then I rounded a corner and caught a glimpse of something between the trees.
A mile farther down the road and this is what I saw ...
Right over the school I recently applied to teach at.
I didn't even realize that it was a double rainbow until looking at the pictures on the computer.

I'd say I was on the right road.
Wouldn't you?


  1. A double rainbow certainly shouts YES to me...

  2. Double rainbow? Absolutely a sign! I had a similar experience recently where I caught something extra special in a photo but didn't see it until after I uploaded it to my computer. It felt like icing on the cake!


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