Thursday, July 18, 2013

embracing non traditional ...

  I've been a little stressed out the last six weeks. Okay.  Truth.  I've been freakin' stressed out of my mind.

  Why?  Because I've worked for most of my life since the age of sixteen, and I've worked "traditional" jobs for almost thirty years.  Meaning, I woke up at the same time, drove to the same place, did the same job, got off at the same time.  Every.  Single.  Day.

  My mind has been conditioned to think of a job in traditional terms, and when my paraprofessional position ended for the school year in June ... I panicked.

  I had a summer job lined up.  But it was non traditional from what I was used to, with hours that changed every day, and days that changed every week.  Still, I've learned, grown, and enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, my brain was still stuck in the panic mode thinking that I needed a traditional job.

  Until last night, when at 11:30 I had an "aHa" moment.

  What if I embraced the non traditional, instead of fighting against it?  What if I accepted the variety, the challenges, the flexibility of being a substitute teacher/paraprofessional in the school year that is about to begin, rather than throwing myself under the bus every day in my desperate search for a traditional job?

  Wow.  I slept the sleep of the blissfully unstressed last night.

  This morning, it occurred to me that sometimes the world's problems are also tied up in expecting and demanding what is "traditional."  

  Can you imagine what would happen if we embraced the non traditional?  Sometimes change can be good ...


  1. Amen! Sometimes change allows Him to show us something about ourselves that He knew, but we didn't. There have been times when I thought that I was not cut out for something and had believed that lie for years, but he spun it around and proved to me that I really could enjoy the very thing I thought I despised! Isn't God good?

  2. Change is often frightening - and equally often for the better.


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