Saturday, July 20, 2013

just on the other side ...

"If you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes, it'll change"
has been said about almost every state I've lived in or traveled to.
Today as I was driving in beautiful, sunshiny skies, I saw what seemed like a fog ahead.
It was, in fact, a sheet of rain.  
The blinding kind, of big, fat drops that hit the car like someone had turned the ocean upside down.
Just as quickly, I was through it, and back into the sunshine where the roads were completely dry.
I had to look in the rear view mirror to be sure I hadn't just driven through a mirage.

It occurred to me that sometimes life is like that.
We might see the clouds in the distance, 
or might even be right in the middle of our own personal downpour.
We think we aren't ever going to get through it, the sun will never shine on us again ...
... and then there it is.
Ever so faintly, the promise that yes, you will get through this.
Somewhere, the sun is shining.
Somewhere, there is a rainbow ... just for you.

Hold onto that when the rain is falling, and when the clouds seem the darkest.
Hold onto that rainbow.

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