Wednesday, July 10, 2013

letting and keeping

I was nearly killed this morning.  At the very least, I would have been severely injured.

I had gone to my morning tutoring job and was returning home for a few hours before my afternoon day care job.  I had stopped at a traffic light (mine is the little blue car) and when the light turned green, I was waiting for the green car to cross the intersection before I turned.  The gold car opposite me had already started their turn when a red truck ran the stop light and very nearly smashed into it.

If I had not been waiting for the green car, I would have been right in the path of the red truck, which never even slowed down as it went through the red light.  It would have hit me directly.

As I drove away, I said a prayer, thankful for "not letting me get hit," and then it dawned on me that instead of "not letting" I should be grateful that I was kept.  I repeated my prayer, thankful for keeping me safe, thankful for the green car that kept me where I was for a few seconds longer, thankful that the gold car was kept from being hit.

I am thankful that I am kept in the palm of His hand, that He keeps providing for all my needs, that He is keeping me close.

We were given free will when we did not keep out of the garden.  Because of that, we make the choices that sometimes "let" us get hurt, "let" us get into trouble, or "let" us make wrong decisions.

When I let Him into my heart, He put me in the palm of His hands where He keeps me safe.  Forever.

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