Wednesday, July 17, 2013

monuments of love ...

  Man builds monuments to remember people who were remarkable.  Washington, DC is filled with them, and somewhere in every city and town in the world, one can find a monument to an important person or event.

  Cemeteries are filled with them also, although most often much smaller in scale, the headstones act as a small monument to a person once loved and now missed.  We build to remember, to never forget, and so that those who come after us will know.

  Karen, at This Old House 2, posted a link to another kind of love monument.  One that broke my heart when I read it because I've felt that loss many times ... too many times ... and have only the holes in my heart to remember the loss by.  Read about these beautiful monuments of love by clicking [here].
Image credit:  The Vermont Institute of Contemporary Arts Blog

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