Sunday, July 14, 2013

not without meaning...

I don't follow the news closely.
Mostly because I don't have cable TV,
and it is often too biased and a hassle to try to follow an online news feed.

Plus I'm really trying to limit the negativity in my life...
and not watching television or following the news has really made a huge difference for me.

Last night I happened to check one of the online news sites for the first time in a few weeks
and saw that a man had been found not guilty.
I've not followed the trial, so am not sure of all the ins and outs of the defense or the prosecution.

All I really know is that a young man died at the hands of another man.

In a "perfect" world, that would be all anyone needed to know for justice to be served.
But in this imperfect world, the color of skin becomes an issue,
as if it is justification for the taking of a life.

While driving this morning, I had one of those left field random thoughts that I attribute to God,
and it was strong enough, and random enough that I had to stop and write it down.

"Often people say that someone's death was "meaningless."
But there are no meaningless deaths.
Or lives."

Every life has a meaning.
Every death has a meaning.

We may not know what it is, 
but there is nothing that occurs in this world that does not have meaning.

Every life ~ every death ~ has the power to
save someone
inspire someone
heal someone
be someone
teach someone
love someone

change someone

This death has meaning because that life had meaning.
It will change someone
who will inspire someone
who will teach someone
who will love someone.

Nothing is without meaning.

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