Wednesday, July 31, 2013

on the eve of joy...

  For a day off, I was almost as busy as a day "on."  But much was accomplished ... including (without knowing) the instructions for the eve of The Joy Up ... "inspire yourself and start to vibrate inside of joy by doing one small thing that makes your body feel appreciation and your heart find a quiet smile."

  One of my errands this morning was my bi-annual PAP ~ checking to be sure the cancer is gone again, it is my way of appreciating my body and my health.

  The other unplanned moment of joy that made my heart smile involved lots of cuddles and kisses ... from a guy named Frankie who looked a lot like this ...
Image Source
  Since giving up my pug, Henry, last August when everything was so dark, I've had a pug sized hole in my heart, and have been wanting to get another pug puppy.  For now at least, having a face covered with pug puppy kisses and snots will have to do.

  I'm excited that the next 12 days will be filled with even more joy like today's!

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