Thursday, July 11, 2013

plugging along ...

Eagle Visions for Kindle
Eagle Visions in paperback
Eagle Visions for other e-readers
I'm plugging my books tonight for your summer reading lists.
I've dropped the prices for all of them 
~ as much as each site will allow since they all want their piece of pie ~
Trooper's Run for Kindle and in paperback on
Trooper's Run in paperback on CreateSpace
Trooper's Run for other e-readers
If you are looking for paperback versions,
compare the price between Amazon and CreateSpace.
Even tho they are divisions of the same company,
I noticed that their prices are different.

For e-readers... 
try Smashwords first as they allowed me to drop the price the lowest.

MBFHHL for Kindle and in paperback on
MBFHHL in paperback on CreateSpace
MBFHHL for other e-readers

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