Tuesday, July 16, 2013

what would you ...

... do if you knew you would not fail?

This summer day job I have working with children from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade has been an enlightening experience for me.

I've always believed in encouraging people.  I have always felt that when you believe in someone ... uplift ... mentor ... strengthen ...

you can change the world.

I have seen children in the past three months who have

given up

and doubted their own abilities, even in things they have never attempted before, because they have already been conditioned to think they were failures

children ... who have the whole universe in their hands and can do be have anything they want in life.

it makes me sad

What if we stopped conditioning people to believe that they were failures, and started conditioning people to believe they were successes?

What if we encouraged ... uplifted ... mentored ... strengthened?

There is a board that I pass during the week that says "When they succeed, we succeed."

What if that were true?

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