Friday, August 9, 2013

5 minutes: lonely


I grew up feeling lonely, but never alone.  Even though we moved frequently as a military family when I was growing up, and I often had "new kid" syndrome ... I was never really alone.  Books were my constant companions, libraries my first found places.

At times during my day, I may feel lonely, but never alone.  I've been working with the school district's summer day care program, and spend most of the day with 85 children who demand constant attention, but repay it with occasional shy, one arm hugs or just standing near me holding my hand.  Even at home, I'm greeted at the door by the dogs, anxious to walk and be fed.  As we return to the house after our walk, the cat comes out from under the bushes where he has spent most of the day at his request.  He yells a greeting of sorts, then jumps onto my back and sits across my shoulders as we all go into the house to eat dinner.

I lay down in bed at night, to read my Bible out loud.  The cat purrs near my head, the big dog leans against my back, the beagle listens intently from her place on the bed, her breathing slowing to a low snore as she relaxes and sleeps.

We are not alone, and have never been throughout this time in our lives.  God has been with us from the beginning ... carrying us at times, hugging us, and always holding our hands.

"[Lord] turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted."
~ Psalm 25:16 ~
Five Minute Friday