Sunday, August 25, 2013


I stopped in for church this afternoon at the little brown church in the vale.  It is such an amazing experience for me ... singing from a hymnal that was published in 1938, following a service "order" that hasn't changed in 157 years.

It is like taking a step back in time and truly worshiping God in the way He might have intended us to.  Personal, honest, loving ... fellowship.

There are no big screens showing all the words to the songs, no drums or electric guitars, no microphones.  Windows are opened to let the fresh air flow... there is no air conditioning, and what electricity there is for standing fans comes from a retrofitted plug in the floor.

But this is more than just a building, this is a fellowship of believers who come together to sing praise, to raise up prayers, to listen to His word from visiting preachers, to come together and share a meal afterward.

When I walk in the door, I feel the power of the Holy Spirit in this place, a love that wraps around you.  It is amazing and I have been so blessed by the presence of this church in the vale.

In October they will be having a Fall Sing ... an afternoon of gospel singing and fellowship over a meal.  I'm looking forward to it!


  1. I am so very happy that you have found this haven.

  2. Stepping back in time in such a peaceful place! It's wonderful!