Thursday, August 8, 2013


forgiveness isn't just what you can do for
others.  it is what you can do for yourself.
releasing yourself from the burden of hurt and anger, it
gives you the freedom to reach out and reach up
in love.  when we do the
very thing our pride tells us not to do, we
embrace joy and peace.  we
need that feeling of love, joy, grace and peace
every day in our lives to grow, to not become
stagnant with bitterness.
stretch your heart, raise your arms.  forgive.


  1. Thank you. That is most excellent advice.

    1. someone once told me that holding a grudge is like giving someone a room in your brain for free rent, and that most of the time the person you are holding a grudge against doesn't even know ~ or care ~ that they are taking up your valuable brain real estate. when I looked at things from that perspective, it was much easier to just "whatever" it and move on.


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