Friday, August 30, 2013

red sky

red sky at night, sailor's delight...
evening came with soft pink cotton candy clouds as the
day quietly closed.  as the sun set farther into the night

sky, it looked like the bay was filled with pink lemonade.
keeping close to the shore, a blue heron fished for minnows, as a
yipping yapping Yorkie tried to intimidate us with his bark.

Trooper and Annie ignored it as we walked toward home,
where two chihuahuas protested our walk just as vocally.
So grateful that my kids have manners.


  1. Trooper and Annie have manners because you insist on it. Sadly two many small dog owners don't think it necessary, which means we have little yap machines...

    1. I think both of them realized that the little dogs were not a threat, and were just all bark and no bite. What was gratefully different was that later in the evening when I had to take them out again after dark, there were two men who approached us from different directions on the road and both dogs completely lost it with their barking and assertiveness. It was very comforting to hear them sound so defensive of me, and I didn't make any attempt to quiet them, even though I knew the men were neighbors we had seen earlier. In that case, my kids were all bark and maybe if you push it we might just have to show you our bite.


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