Wednesday, August 21, 2013

simple dreams i wish would come true ...

I'm linking this morning with Jamie Ridler Studios
she asks "what dream do you wish to come true?"
... so many come to mind ...
to really own a home again
to have air conditioning
to have a car that runs well and doesn't leak when it rains
to have furniture to welcome family and friends when they visit
[especially my stepkids]
to not have to worry about how to pay the electric or water bill
to be able to buy food without juggling one of the above
to be able to really devote 20-30 hours a week to writing another memoir
[instead of having to spend that much time looking for a full-time job]
to have health benefits so that I can finally feel confident that I am truly healthy
[physically and all that other stuff]
instead of just relying on how I feel when I wake up

and I realized that if just one wish came true, it could possibly make all the others come true ...

I wish I may
I wish I might
find a full time job tonight

looking for a full time job has to be one of the most depressing things I do right now
and I'm sure so many others will agree
the fact that I have an MBA degree was supposed to be an asset
but it has become such a liability that I've stopped putting it on my resume
employers see that and think that I'm overqualified to answer phones
or type letters or file papers or do any of the things I could do in my sleep
and I truly want to work
I love my part time job working with kids right now, but I need full time work


  1. My heart goes out to you. Blessings on this difficult journey. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well. ~xo~

  2. I pray you'll find a job soon
    I'm reentering the working world after 10 years away. ugh do they still need nurses? has that much changed? ugh thanks for visiting on FMF

    1. Katherine, I see LOTS of jobs for nurses... so many that I wish I had followed that path years ago.

  3. Yes it certainly sounds like you really do want to work! I hope you find that full time job and that all your wishes come true. Reading your wishes made me really appreciate the abundant life I have.
    As you wish for your self, so I wish for you also!

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I went to college and got certified to teach, then the market was FLOODED in our area with teachers, and lots of cut-backs in schools. So now if I want to find a teaching job, I need to move away from my home. :( Something is bound to turn up for both of us! As you wish for yourself, so do I wish for you as well.

  5. Oh, my heart hurts for you. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too, and I wish peace for you. Being without work - meaningful or otherwise - is a terrible blow to the soul, and I hope that yours is healed soon.

  6. As you wish for yourself. I also wish for you Xo Xo Trisha Trixie

  7. Lots of love to you, job hunting can be such a soul crushing task, the rejections can feel so personal.
    Hoping that the right employer sees how wonderful you are and from there things move onward and upward.

  8. We walk a similar path! May your wish for a full-time job be perfectly placed...and may all of your dreams come you wish for yourself so I too wish for you as well!