Thursday, August 29, 2013

when all we can give is an offer...

  Two days ago, I saw a man bathing in the (salt water) bay near my home.   The shampoo in his hair was a dead giveaway.

  I didn't know the situation except, ugh, seriously, that bay water stinks to high heaven on my dogs after they swim if I don't rinse them down with fresh water immediately after they get done playing.  Even if he'd been just cooling off and washing stray fish guts off him after fishing ... still ugh.

  So I pulled up and offered his wife the use of my water hose if he needed to rinse down, because really, ugh.

  They didn't take advantage, and I let it go.

  Then last night I noticed them in the area again and that they had driven to a secluded (from the road and the eyes of the police that patrol) area that people fish occasionally.  It was "under the bridge" but not under it literally.  I began to suspect that they were living in their car.

  This morning I saw them again, near the boat dock, while I was walking the dogs so I walked up to their SUV and just asked.  "Are you living in your car?"  I explained that I wasn't judging since I was in a almost similar situation myself.  The answer was yes, they were.

  Michael and Debbie are my age (indenial50somethingplus).  I didn't pry and ask what got them to that point, but I told them that if they wanted fresh water ("oh yes please all three of our water bottles are empty") or to take a hose shower in the shadows of my doorway, they could.

  At this point in my life, I really have nothing more I can offer to them.  They said they knew where all the food banks were, and had plenty of food, just not any fresh water.  I'm wise enough not to open my door and say come on in (learned that lesson the hard way).  Without any air conditioning, my house is as hot if not hotter than where they are right now just living in their car.  He said they were waiting to hear about Social Security, and has a sister in the area who gets mail for him.

  But I could offer them the use of my water hose ... and sometimes that is more than enough.


  1. What a kind thing. Truly rare today. ♥♥♥

  2. I love it. Practical, caring support. There should be more of it in this world. I think this is the first of your mitzvahs for the day.

  3. I'm very glad you offered and they accepted. Fresh water is like gold when you have none. And kindness without judgement is always welcome. Too many are too hasty to judge when not knowing the circumstances that brought people to their current situation.

  4. What a kind and insightful act you've done for them. The water? Absolutely. The thoughtfulness and caring? Priceless. Popping by from The Rewind

  5. Amazing gift. But it brings to light a conversation I had recently, you said you do not have much to give, yet you have given this couple so much. Why can't everyone just give a little? Why is it the people who have so much want to hang on tightly to everything they have. I am truly touched by your generous heart.

  6. What a lovely gesture. Many people would have just walked on by. I'm sure they will remember your kindness.


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