Friday, September 6, 2013

5 minutes: Red


I start a new job on Monday (Thank you, God!) and so colored my hair last night to the lightest shade of red that is close to what mine once was (honestly).  I had colored it almost two months ago for the first time since January, and the darker shade of red I chose then was rather frightening.  Students that I worked with told me flat out that I looked scary and creepy with that color.

I love the honesty that comes out of the mouths of children at times.

Recently, one of the awesome 2nd grade students who help me with the younger students said something so wise and amazing for such a young man.  "J" was helping to pass out milk left over from snack time to students as we watched the late afternoon movie while waiting for parents to arrive.  Everyone wanted chocolate milk, which we didn't have much of, and finally it was gone so the only option was white milk.  As students turned their noses up to the offer of white milk and said they only wanted chocolate milk, "J" commented to me:

"They're not grateful for what they got."

Being grateful for what we have sometimes opens the door for so much more.  This is a lesson I've learned the hard way in this past year.

I'm grateful for this day ... and yesterday.  I'm grateful for the red dawn ... and the red sunset.  I'm grateful for this job ... and that job.  I'm grateful for this car ... and that truck which will come in time.  I'm grateful for my husband, for our marriage, and for the life we will have together.  I'm grateful for a lighter shade of red ... and even for the scary, creepy red.  I'm grateful for the small things ... and the big things.

I'm grateful.
Five Minute Friday


  1. a thankful heart is a happy heart :)

  2. I'm grateful for the roof over my head. Just over two years ago I was living in a unit where the rent was steadily rising and rising and with me working fewer hours, I was getting panicky about being evicted. Then an opportunity arose to move into this much smaller, but also much cheaper place and I jumped in with both feet. Life is so much better now, easier and less stressful, and for that I'm grateful.