Wednesday, September 18, 2013

changing the world ...

Linking with Jamie Ridler Studios this morning ...

I read a blog post this morning from Holley Gerth on (in)Courage
about our God sized dreams
and how we have the ability to change the world
even if something has been said or done before.

Because there has never been a you before.
Or a me before.
Yes, someone might have already been to the moon,
or climbed Mount Everest,
or written War & Peace.

But I haven't.
Maybe you haven't either.

Jamie asks as her Wednesday prompt:
"What do you wish to change?"
and the thing that came to my mind
was that I want to change the world.
Maybe just for one person
or one small community
or for my inner circle of friends and family
or that outer circle of people who read my blog or my books.

It doesn't matter if my name is remembered in the end;
or a statue is made of me, sitting in front of a computer, blogging away, 
with a dog nudging my elbow asking for a treat;
or my name on a brass plate is mounted to a park bench in a dog park, or in a national park.

But I want to be part of a change in the world,
even if just a small part.
They are changing the world for those women and children.

I want to change the world
for one person
with my words.


  1. As you wish for yourself, so also I wish for you. Change the world for one person.

  2. I love that you include so many ways for you to change the world. I think every day we are in the world, we have the potential to create change.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too.