Sunday, September 15, 2013

in dog years ...

 This guy is my bestest friend ... forever.
He's been moving a little slow the last few weeks.
I'm not sure if it is the heat,
doggy dementia starting,
or some early arthritis,
[the vet has told me he is healthy, although he has lost a little weight].

Or if he is just on strike 
because I won't let him run off leash now that Annie has taught him the bad habit of chasing cars.
8 weeks old and deceptively innocent looking ...
he was already practicing his poker face.
I've figured out that at nine years old this past June ...
he's more like 61 in a dog/human years comparison.
I dread the thought of the inevitable.
Hopefully it will not come for another ten years.
I'll need a sage colored padded room with a matching monogrammed wrap-around jacket.
I cannot even imagine life without him without crying.
Yeah, he's a Florida State Seminoles fan.
See the tip of his tail in the picture above ... it's now white.
[sad face]
I'm making sure that he gets regular vet checkups, good food, and exercise.
The heat this summer has been brutal on all of us, especially without air conditioning.
But I hose him down with cool water two or three times a day 
and make sure he's not getting overheated or over-exerted when we walk.
We walk at his pace, stop when he wants to stop, and go where he wants to go.
Short-cuts lately are his favorite.
Patiently watching a yahtzee game while hogging Henry's bed.
First time seeing snow.
The house we had in Texas had the most incredible back yard.
We miss it.  A lot.
Trooper is all about the environment.
He is my best friend, and the best dog I have ever been blessed with.  
Do you think you can have a dog soulmate?  
If so, he is mine.

Update:  he was partially on strike ~ I trusted him enough this morning to let him off leash and he ran like the wind.  But only for a short while.  Later while massaging his shoulders and legs after he slowed to a walk, I found an ugly black mole that will be monitored by me and close attention from the vet.


  1. He's so beautiful. It's sad they have to go before we are ready to let them go. i hope he stays a good while longer.

  2. He is indeed beautiful. And has his paws firmly in your heart strings. Echoing River.