Monday, September 16, 2013

in mercy ...

This past year I have been blessed.
Coming from unexpected places, I have found
in the words and actions of others
~ mostly from people I don't know at all, or people whom I have met through my blog and facebook,
and from people whom I've known from other lives here and there. ~

I've been blessed
all because of their mercy.

We think of mercy as something we give or do for someone we know.
But what if we were to give mercy to someone we didn't know?
What if we gave mercy without any expectations for it being returned to us?

The theory of "pay it forward" comes with a hope that one day when you need it most, 
it will return to you.
But what if we thought of it instead as simply giving love and mercy for the world?

When we help another person up,
when we reach out a hand of help,
and give them the tools to stand on their own two feet,
to contribute back to their society
isn't that the truest definition of mercy


  1. Do you know I had never thought of 'pay it forward' as something which expects a return? I think of it as something to do when we can... knowing that there are always people who need help, and being grateful that some days I can.

  2. Pay it Forward and Random Acts of Kindness - two actions I take to heart and incorporate into my day whenever I can!

  3. There is no get unless first there is give. x

  4. It's the best way to receive, I think. If you can help with no expectations, I see no reason not to.
    Visiting via Bron's Weekly Rewind. :)

  5. Loved this post, thanks for sharing

  6. always true... give. Maybe you will get, but giving is the first point in receiving something, even if just for yourself


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