Tuesday, September 3, 2013

looks can be deceiving ...

This girl
who looks all sweet and cute and innocent as she
hogs Trooper's bed
and drools on his pillow
(see the disgust on his face?)
she has a funny wicked streak in her
she loves to chase cars that trespass in "her" field
as they drive to the fishing spots,
so the dogs are no longer allowed off leash
(can you see the disgust on Trooper's face?  
he's not happy about being "grounded" because of her)
she loves to get up on the bed and root around
getting under the sheets and drooling on my pillow
(can you see the disgust on MY face?)
so I've had to resort to my own funny wicked streak
and put a "Scat Mat" on the bed to keep her off
which also keeps Trooper off
(can you see the disgust on Trooper's face?)
But you see this girl
as she sleeps and dreams of chasing cars
and stomping in mud puddles
and giving sweet hugs
and saying hello to the neighboring children
this sweet girl
she is loved.


  1. And she knows it. A gorgeous tribute - a beautiful girl.
    One of my most loved cats had immense charm, but was equally naughty. He has been gone for over ten years now, and I miss him still.

    1. Yes, she does know it. We have come so far in what she was like in December where I couldn't even let her off leash without having to wait 30-60 minutes for her to decide to come back to me, and that was with a lot of patience and pleading. The other day as we were getting ready to go out, she hit the door running and the door opened. Surprised her! She didn't get past the end of the walk without turning around, tail tucked, to come back and let me put the leash on her. The rare times I do let them go off leash now, she stays close to me, and comes when I call to her.


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