Wednesday, September 4, 2013

on the calendar ...

  I have signed up to be part of an (in)courage team of bloggers in November who will be promoting projects for Mercy House Kenya.  If you read through their website, you will be amazed and blessed by how everything came together for this "home" for pregnant young girls.

  The five (in)courage projects actually start on September 12th with bloggers who will be writing about Mercy House Kenya's need for a van.  Phase 2 will begin on October 7th with bloggers writing about funds needed for a new classroom, and Phase 3 will be done via Twitter on October 24th to raise funds for a new generator.  I'm jumping into the action on November 11th along with 14 other bloggers to raise funds for a computer lab.  The last and biggest push for Mercy House Kenya will begin on December 2nd where all of us will blog for a second home for Mercy House Kenya to enable them to help more young girls.

  Look for another post from me on September 12th with more details about how you can help.

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  1. A great cause. I am a bit stretched, but will see how things pan out...


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