Monday, September 23, 2013

recap ...

[note to self:  do not watch "World War Z" at bedtime again]

at 10:30p Sunday night
in the middle of hordes of zombies rushing on my television screen
Trooper insisted we must go out into the dark
for a potty break.

I tiptoed around
whispering to him to hurry and be quiet
the woods could be filled with zombies

sleep came and went
never long enough to leave me feeling rested
before the Monday morning alarm went off
chasing away the zombies


a day filled with zombies of another kind
boredom zombies
as we were transitioning between
being students
to becoming workers
a rush of newbies ~ the latest hires ~ started 
those of us who had completed our "training"
were left hanging with nothing to do
but study study study
all we had studied for the past two weeks
eyes glazed over
heads bobbling


  1. Ahh, but were you tempted to eat the newbies brains? That is when you know you are in trouble.

  2. I have a zombie living in the flat upstairs. Grey clothes, grey skin, grey hair. He's very rarely seen during daylight hours, rarely seen at all, but I hear him moving about after midnight. Sometimes he clomps about in combat boots, or at least that's what it sounds like. Usually I just hear him making coffee.


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