Friday, September 6, 2013

women living well ...

  I've signed up to do a book review in October [with a giveaway!] for a first book by Christian author and blogger, Courtney Joseph, titled "Women Living Well."   She blogs [here] and has quite an amazing ministry.

  To be honest [which I like to be] when I first started following Courtney with her Proverbs 31 Bible Study, I was a little intimidated.  I felt like being the kind of wife and woman Courtney was ... was out of my reach.  But the more I studied the Bible, and the more I read Courtney's blog, and with the help of another book that brought the Proverbs 31 woman into the 21st century ... I realized that it really wasn't out of my reach at all.  Becoming a woman who lives well is God's desire for all of us!

  "Women Living Well" is a guide, an honest guide that questions all that we have been taught by society, for women who want to live well.  Not just as wives and mothers, but as daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins ... as women.
  Right now if you pre-order her book, you will get a bonus of ten extra books by Courtney and other incredible Christian authors.

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