Friday, October 18, 2013

5 minutes: laundry

Five Minute Friday

Annie pulls a sock out of the dirty laundry basket while I am at work and carries it around the house with her.  She doesn't chew it, nor does she lick it because when I find it in the middle of the hall later that night it is free of holes and dry.

I think it comforts her.  Alone in the house with Trooper and Oreo ... she misses us while we are at work.  She carries the sock ... like a teddy bear ... for a sense of security.

It reminds me of the nights when I wore my husband's t-shirt to bed ... clinging to the comfort of his scent.  Of the times after my father died when the smell of fresh sawn and milled wood in the large hardware stores ~ he was a carpenter ~ made me remember him ... and miss him all over again.

Clean laundry brings a physical comfort.  Soft and smooth on the skin, we feel refreshed.  But sometimes unclean laundry can bring back good memories too ... memories of life.



  1. How right you are. The first time my partner's lung collapsed and he was hospitalised the only way I could comfort his cat was by giving the cat an unwashed t-shirt. Without it the cat cried and paced and searched for him - which distressed me too.

  2. I remember keeping one of my daughter's unwashed t-shirts handy whenever we babysat my grandson, we'd drape it over the pillow in the cot and he would fall soundly asleep. If he was upset and crying we'd drape it over a shoulder and cuddle him there to quiet him.