Friday, October 4, 2013

5 minutes: write


I write about my life here.  I wrote about it there in my first book, and a little bits and pieces of it in my second and third books.  I'm writing again about my life in another book.  A book about choosing life.  About hitting that wall and wanting it to end, but finding the light again.  The life light.

I'm also looking for ways to sell the rights to my second and third writing attempts.  To sign them away so that we can get a fresh start, a clean break, and so I can focus on just writing about what the past three years of my life have been ... because when I write, the words escape.  Maybe to help someone else, but at the very least, to free me from the nightmares.

Writing is a form of exorcism sometimes.

I want to write about choosing life ... and living it.  I want to write about the miracles that have happened in our lives that made me choose life again ... and how they continue to change my life.

I want to write about life.

Five Minute Friday

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