Friday, October 25, 2013

annie ...

This week I have come to a difficult decision, but one that I know is best for Annie.  I have decided that she is ready for another home ... one with a large fenced yard and children to play with.

When I rescued her from the woods almost a year ago, she was starving ... for food and love ... and in this past year she has gotten an abundance of both.  Her personality has begun to shine, revealing the sweet, gentle girl that she is.

But she is a Beagle ... bred for running and roaming ... and I don't have a yard large enough for her to stretch her legs safely.  I sometimes let her run in the field across the street where she was found, but I worry that her curious nose will take her out of earshot and into traffic.  She has once or twice followed a scent out of sight, and it has been too long before she came looking for me.  I worry that she will get hit by a car ... or by a person, now that her trust is starting to build again.

I've contacted two fellow bloggers who run dog rescue organizations, and have also emailed a beagle rescue group that is six hours away to see if they can help me find her a good forever home ... with a large fenced yard and children to play with.

Love this sweet girl.  Love love love her.  Deeply.  But she needs a fenced yard and we're not in a position to move for at least another six to eight months.  She would also love a family with children ... she loves the neighborhood kids that want to pet her.

If you know of someone who might love her as much as I do, who can give her fenced yard, and family to play with ... please message me.


  1. That must hurt. I know how much you love her, which makes this difficult decision even more admirable. With any luck, her forever home will be somewhere where you can visit and get your Annie fix.

    1. It is breaking my heart, but I know that she needs a big fenced yard where she can run safely. I've also noticed that Trooper is beginning to have some age related issues ... especially with his vision ... and she likes to jump at his face which has begun to make him afraid when she gets one of her puppy-butt wild streaks. I don't want him to get hurt if he gets blindsided by her, and don't want him to become afraid of shadows again.

  2. I hope you soon find the home Annie needs, it's lovely of you to look. I know too many who would just take her to a shelter and leave her.
    She's a beautiful dog and children with big yards would be perfect.

    1. Unfortunately, a no-kill shelter has become my option because of issues related to Trooper. But I know she will find a home soon. She is sweet, beautiful, good with kids and cats. She's a good dog and there is a forever home waiting for her where she can run and play safely.


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