Tuesday, October 1, 2013

how He looks at me ...

  I've been previewing a book for the past month.  Normally I'm not such a slow reader.  I could have finished this book in two days and put it on the shelf and forgotten about it.  But I didn't want to do that with this book.  I wanted to savor it, re-read chapters again and again, and I wanted to live in the words I found inside of it that have begun to change my life.

  I've been following Courtney's blog "Women Living Well" for over a year now.  I found her at a time when I wasn't living well ... and when I wasn't wanting to live.  I knew that I needed to make some changes in my life, and when I found her Proverbs 31 Bible Study, I thought that would be a step in the right direction.

  And it was.

  I will admit that I was at first intimidated by Courtney's life and her faith.  My faith, while strong, was smaller than a mustard seed at the time.  But like the mustard seed, it has grown as I have begun to realize how He looks at me.

  I'm not perfect ... and neither is Courtney.  Her book shares her transparent moments when she stumbles, but it also shares her triumphant moments when she picks herself up in her walk with the King.  It isn't a how-to guide for being the perfect wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt ... it is a how-to guide for realizing that we are loved and forgiven ... because of how He looks at us.

  One of the most incredible things that has changed in me since beginning this book, and following Courtney's blog, is not just realizing how God looks at me, but how my husband looks at me ... and in seeing that, I have begun to look at myself through their eyes.

  I can't say that this book will change your life.  But I can say that it has changed parts of mine, and for that I am grateful.

  As part of the celebration for Courtney's book hitting the shelves (and Kindle) this week, I'm offering a free signed copy to one lucky reader who comments below.  Tell me about a moment in your life when you saw yourself through someone else's eyes and how that changed you.  Winner will be randomly chosen in one week and contacted by email.

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  1. I cannot tell you how glad I am that you have chosen life and love and are slowly and steadily putting doom and gloom behind you.
    And, finally, I have finished Trooper's Run and Eagle Visions. Thank you - both of them made we weep. Which is an indication of their power.