Thursday, October 3, 2013

making us stronger ...

I found a card this morning that was written to me by my uncle who died a month ago from cancer.

He had written it in February in reply to a card of encouragement and hope I had sent to him after finding out about his illness.

He responded, "Life has given us some lemons to chew on." ... "What hurts in life can only make us stronger."

I don't think he knew how his story would end, but his words were true.  Life does sometimes give us lemons to chew on ... tart, sour days that leave us feeling hurt, twisted and bitter.

But each day also gives us the opportunity to add some sugar to our lives and become stronger ... making our days full and sweetly flavored.

All we have to do is reach for it ... reach for life.

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  1. And acknowledge that we need a little tartness in our days...