Wednesday, October 16, 2013

risking and reaching ...

Wednesdays have often been linked to Jamie Ridler Studios for Wishcasting Wednesdays.  Last week I had started a post about what risks I wanted to take ... but I let life take priority and so never finished it.

Today I will.

I read a blog post this morning from an Australian blogger whom I deeply respect and admire.  Eden Riley grabs life by the throat at times in her blog and spits in its face.  She is raw in her honesty, and I love reading her truth, even the parts that make me cringe and cry.  She has faced her demons again and again, and while there have been times that they have nearly beaten her ... she has still stood tall and conquered them.

Last night, one of the many clouds that has hidden the sunlight from her family in years past rained on them again and a life was lost.


We risk it every day because there are always circumstances beyond our control that could end it.  Speeding cars, crashing planes, the evil that lies in the hearts of others.  But we risk it because we want it.  We want life, we want to live, and we want it more than we want anything else.  We reach for it in ways that excite and exhilarate us.  We want to feel it, taste it, see it, and hear it.  We want to touch life.

Even those days when we feel beaten down, afraid, and alone ... we want life.

My heart aches today for the loss that Eden's family is feeling ... for that déjà vu that never seems to go away for them.  My heart aches today for all of those who feel beaten down, afraid, alone, and hopeless ... because I was once one of them.

This is my wish ... that all those who are without hope would find it ... that all those who are afraid would have courage ... that all those who are beaten down would be lifted up ... that all those who believe they are alone in their struggles would realize that they are never alone, and all they have to do is reach up for the Hands that long to hold them.

"Your life will be brighter than the noonday.
Even darkness will be as bright as morning. 
Having hope will give you courage.
You will be protected and will rest in safety."
~ Job 11:17-18 ~


  1. It is a wonderful wish for all of us. Thank you.

    As you wish for yourself (and us!) so I wish for you too!