Wednesday, October 2, 2013

two bunny days ...

Years ago when I worked on the opposite side of town from where I live, I would take the scenic route to work.

The old business highway winds past a part of the bay, behind the paper mill and one of the oldest communities here, down through downtown, and out towards the beach along a drive that on one side has the bay, and on the other some magnificent Southern mansions.  It has always been my favorite way to travel to the beach, especially during the holidays when the houses are decorated.

Although the road past the paper mill was less than scenic on the one side (and quite unpleasant to smell), the opposite side of the road presented a lake and occasionally, the wild rabbit sitting on the edge of the grass, nibbling on the clover.

I started to refer to those rare rabbit sightings as one bunny days, and was always hopeful for a two bunny day ... which I took to indicate it would be a special occasion day.

Recently I've started taking the scenic drive to and from work again ... just because ... and have occasionally seen a wild rabbit.  It occurred to me that even when I don't see two rabbits, I know that they are still there, just out of sight.

I've decided that regardless of whether or not I see them, I'm going to start declaring each day to be a two bunny day, because that is just the way life is sometimes.  We have to make it a special occasion ... if for no other reason than the fact that it is a two bunny day.


  1. And what a wonderful thing to know - every day is indeed a two bunny day...

  2. I've had quite a few two bunny days this year. Life is good.


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